Tedstrom Associates employs a range of tools designed to ensure your “Diversity and Inclusion” polices are up to date, consistent and compliant along with achieving the desired positive impact. Our audits identify areas where updating is required and broker the strategies to reach them. We provide additional coordination across functional departments to ensure the company is working toward a unified goal and speaking with one voice on these sensitive and important issues.

The Result

Trust and clarity among employees and internal stakeholders increases, as will their confidence in their leaders. Individuals and teams will perform with greater certainty. External stakeholders will view marketing and public affairs efforts as genuine and authentic.

Change Management

The way change is introduced and managed is as important as the change itself. Every company has a diverse workforce and wide variety of external stakeholders. Change in one area will affect others. A change is viewed as both gains and loss from many different perspectives.

Tedstrom Associates assists our clients with timing, sequencing and pace of change, as well as, helping to gain buy-in from key influencers, effectively communicating the process to internal and external audiences.

The Result

Higher levels of impact and success from a well-structured roll out of new policies. More understanding and support for change from across the spectrum of internal and external stakeholders.

Employee Resource Groups

These groups of employees have evolved rapidly over the years. The best are well-led, have clear goals that speak to core business objectives with a clear strategy for achieving those goals. These groups can be invaluable to leaders who need to understand how their company and its products or services are fairing in the LGBT marketplace. Tedstrom Associates works with the ERG and BRG leaders and executive sponsors to ensure realistic goals are identified and backed up by sound strategies. We assist the groups as they launch their efforts to ensure they emerge as a true resource for the business.

The Result

Employee and Business Resource Groups that are focused, engaged and contributing strategic value to the company.

Marketing Support

Today’s LGBT consumers are sophisticated, discerning and fiercely loyal to the brands who authentically support LGBT equality. They can also be quick to react when brands appear not to value LGBT rights. Our marketing support is designed to ensure our client has a positive narrative concerning its policies for LGBT workers and its engagement in the LGBT community more broadly. Then effective—often subtle and unobtrusive—messages can be crafted delivering the marketing punch you’re looking for.

The Result

Our clients’ marketing efforts resonate with LGBT audiences and promote brand values and authenticity across market segments.

Crisis Prevention and Issues Management

Tedstrom Associates has unparalleled experience dealing with LGBT and related crises for corporate clients. Our approach centers on identifying vulnerabilities and addressing those before they erupt into crises. During crisis situations, we support our clients at multiple levels utilizing an integrated and holistic approach—from intelligence gathering to communications, and from CEO positioning to messaging protocols, stakeholder relations and government affairs.

The Result

Our clients’ messages are well crafted and their narratives are understood. Crises are contained and resolved as quickly as possible and with lasting, sustainable solutions in mind.

Stakeholder Engagement

Tedstrom Associates brings decades of senior level experience successfully bridging the gap between business and civil society. Our unparalleled network allows us to facilitate relationships with the best and most relevant institutions and individual at the global, national and local levels. We ensure that partnerships are strategically aligned to advance core business objectives while the client achieves important social goals and that each dollar and hour invested with civil society partners produces the maximum return for the business.

The Result

Engaged world-class partners that are reliable allies as your business does good while doing well.

Government Relations

LGBT leaders and their allies are being elected at every level—from the United States Senate to local commissions. Tedstrom Associates provides our clients with unrivaled access to these leaders and helps them tell their stories in ways that impress. We understand the way policy is made and know how to ensure our clients’ voices are an important part of the process.

The Result

Our clients have solid, multi-dimensional relationships with key LGBT leaders who value their insights and opinions and who understand their businesses in priority markets in the U.S. and abroad.